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German court grants injunction against Apple for infringement of Motorola patents

Oh how we love the tit-for-tat world of patent litigation. A German court has granted an injunction against Apple for infringement of Motorola patents, on Friday as reported by Engadget. This represents a reversal of sorts as Apple has tended to to have most of the luck in the courts so far, following their injunction over Samsung. According to Apple, this is merely a procedural issue and does not translate to a real world ban of iProducts for sale in Germany. Via http://pulse.me/s/2QXR3 (which Read more [...]

Google: Siri is great but Bantha Poodoo…Android is for Trekkies really

  In a recent question and answer session regarding the release of Ice Cream Sandwich,  Matias Duarte, Director of Android OS User Experience for Google contrasted their approach to Apple.  More specifically,  that Apple was like Star Wars while Google was more Star Trek in their implementation of voice driven commands to the device. He was being quite matter of fact,  but did manage to get in that the likes of C3PO were there for comic relief (a la Siri)  opposed to the utilitarian Read more [...]

Samsung hold nearly one quarter of world smartphone market

BBC reports that Samsung has overtaken Apple by shipping more smartphones than any other manufacturer in the last financial quarter. Samsung put 27.8 million smartphones through the post (24%) compared with 17.1 million from Apple, and 16.8 million from downtrodden Nokia. This is not confined to Android however, as Samsung have fingers in several mobile operating system pies including Windows Mobile and their home grown Bada. Samsung’s handset profits went up to £1.4 billion based on “strong sales Read more [...]

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Offers Software Upgrade to Avoid Sales Ban in Europe

  Reuters reports that Samsung is getting its act together and issuing phone software updates to Android devices that have incurred the wrath of Apple via the European courts. A Dutch court ruled that only one of many Apple patents had actually been breached in August, and subsequently imposed a sales ban on the Galaxy S, S II and Ace smart phones. All other claims were dismissed but Samsung would be forced to comply with the sales ban after the October 14 deadline. Although a date Read more [...]

Android hits 43.7% US market share

Market research from the United States shows Android firmly in they lead of smart phone platforms. Topping out at 43.7%, only Apple also increased it’s share, albeit in smaller increments. It remains to be seen if the iPhone 4S makes an impact, with the WSJ poll on iPhone upgrades suggesting around only 40% are interested in the new device. Blackberry maker RIM continues to slip, while Microsoft Windows Phone is not exactly gaining either. Via Slashgear Read more [...]

iPhone 4S keeps up with Joneses

Now that the world and its dog are chattering about the newly unveiled Apple iPhone 4S, we feel the inevitable pull to shout about it too. But reading through the various news and blog updates, there seems little point in saying much when there are others out there who have done it excellently already. Wired.com has a a comparison on specification between the 4S and a few competitors including the Samsung Galaxy S II. In the comments, a chap called Jay hits the nail on the head: There Read more [...]

Apple wins ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab sales in Germany

Apple has successfully applied for an injunction against Samsung over the Galaxy Tab ahead of the IFA trade fair in Berlin. The injunction prevents the sale of the tablet until September 9, when the decision over the intellectual property infringement is heard. However, the ban only applies to Germany due to legal insecurities surrounding the jurisdiction of the court. The Guardian article gives an overview of the whole sorry saga and seems to indicate that the judgment is far more problematic for Read more [...]