Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 series delayed due to TouchWiz and ICS

Samsung are retrenching back to the good old days of announcing much and delivering little. The Galaxy Tab 2 has now suffered further delays in the UK die to Samsung wanting to ensure a fully TouchWiz equipped Ice Cream Sandwich implementation comes out of the box.

To highlight how much they think of the new 7 inch fondleslab, Samsung are preparing to square up to Amazon and Nook in the USA. They must have forced an intern to spend all afternoon on this table:


It basically says for $50, the Galaxy Tab 2 blows the Kindle Fire out of the water. But Samsung does not have that kind of argument to win in the UK. The previous 7 inch tab was not cheap, at around £400 so if this new target at the lower end of the market translates across the pond, we should expect to see pricing around the £200 mark. Some retailers are pricing it up at £230 although actually being able to order one seems nigh on impossible.

Via Android Headlines and The Verge.

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