Australian courts overturn Samsung Galaxy Tab ban

Apple has lost its injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in an Australian federal court. As of Friday afternoon, the Tab can be freely sold and advertised. This represents a significant step in the ongoing battle between the two companies which has been waging for several months.

The initial ban granted in October stifled demand for the Samsung device which was viewed as the primary competitor to the Apple iPad 2. But the news is good for the Korean company ahead of Christmas and they will be hoping to capitalise on the additional exposure.

Samsung made a statement saying “we believe the ruling clearly affirms that Apple’s legal claims lack merit”. There should be an announcement on the availably of the device soon, but this will probably come next week once it is determined if Apple take their opportunity to appeal in the High Court by Friday.

Apple have also gone after the rejigged Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany this week. The N variant was designed to address the “slavish copying” legal argument but apparently the changes are not strong enough for Apple. The Californian company would no doubt prefer to see Samsung’s ode to fondle slabs burned on a funeral pyre, so short of removing the screen completely, Samsung have a job on their hands. I don’t think tablet without a screen is much use…


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