Kindroid coming on Wednesday to New York?

It looks as though the Amazon Kindroid will see the light of day on Wednesday in New York. Retailing giants Amazon are convening pow wow in the Big Apple and the rumour is that this is the launch of the anticipated Amazon Kindle Tablet.

As more information has come to light, it seems that Amazon are intent on aping Apple’s business model by locking down the platform from an open source version of Android to a customised ‘fork’. Essentially, Amazon have developed their ow  identity within Android, which means it will be as far removed from the Samsung Galaxy Tab as it is the iPad.

The old adage that “content is King” is more applicable now than ever before,  and content is something that Amazon have in spades with their electronic book, music and LoveFilm movie rental business. Couple this with a cheap tablet and you have a sure fire success for anyone interested in a tablet but does not want to pay the Appletax.

We have mixed feelings about this though. A rival to Apple is one thing, but do we want an Apple clone in the form of Amazon, with another locked down platform? On the face of it this does not give consumers any additional choice.

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