Has the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S 3 been outed by the Pingit ad?

I had to do a double take and pause the Sky+ last night when the Barclays PingIt advert came on last night. Reason being that the phone featured in the advert was puzzling. The advertising features a woman holding a the device in question as she sends money electrically to another phone.
On first glimpse it appears to be an iPhone 4S complete with a white bumper. Looking at the menu bar the software also appears to be iOS with the time in the middle. But the physical construction of the phone is odd. It is definitely large, more so than the IPhone 4S at any rate. Also, it has a large white rectangular button (backlit?) reminiscent of a Samsung Galaxy S II or Note. The size is very close to the Note overall but it gives the appearance of being thicker.
So what the Hell is it? The love child of an IPhone and a Galaxy Note? Could such a peaceful world exist outside of the Court room? Are pigs flying? Chances are it is a deliberate mockup that combines both Apple and Android technology into one for the purposes of nondescript marketing. Or is it an actual prototype of a forthcoming phone? If so, is this the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S 3?
Whatever it is, it is big and ugly and I wouldn’t go near it. Urgh.
Check out the advert at the top of the page.

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